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Sunday, January 25, 2009

CarveWright Quick Release Chuck Modifications

I really love the machine and this was one area I felt was a little difficult for me. So, not being able to leave it as is, I made the following modifications:

1. Removed the sharp angle in the outer ring of the Quick Chuck where it seats the bit into a 1/16 radius and removed the black oxide in the process

2. Removed the LockTitle, rough burns and black oxide from the allen head set screws on the bit

3. Used Lube on the mating chuck outer mating surface and on the ball bearnings that seat the bit

I have created a video on YouTube with my son's help to cover this as well.

I have the added the still pictures here as reference. I have also posted about this on the CarveWright Forum in a much shorter discussion.

I felt this was the best and most complete way for me to cover this issue.

I have also created a blog entry on the tool I created to remove the Quick Release Chuck.

My Video

Picture of Quick Chuck on CarveWright

Quick Release Chuck

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